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Engagement Pictures

Throughout my whole process of wedding planning my number ONE thing was for it to be stress free! I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single bit of planning- just because I have had amazing people to work with!

I think one of the most important things when booking engagement pictures is booking with someone you know you'll be comfortable with- because let's face it- professional pictures can be so awkward! Before I chose my photographer I made sure her pictures were my style, and I contacted several people who had used her to make sure their experience went just as planned. After I knew exactly who I wanted, my next step was booking & finding the perfect place for pictures...and what better place than a winery- am I right?!

I also reached out to one of my good friends who is a stylist and y'all that was the best decision I ever made. I LOVE fashion, but when it comes to picking out my own outfits it takes me FOREVER. I will literally walk a store thirty times because I am so indecisive. So having someone pick out all my outfits and helping with accessories was so nice and stress free. All I did was send her a few pictures of the vibe I was going for and she made it happen. She will even style your man, because lord knows if she didn't mine would have showed up in a University of Kentucky tee and sweat pants- ha!

With our timeline, we had to get our pictures done in March to be able to send out our Save the Dates on time...which we all know Kentucky weather is absolutely insane. Instead of the nice spring day I had envisioned, It was about 40 degrees and so windy- we were freezing! Luckily, we had a great photographer and everything turned out just as we dreamed. So lesson learned, no need to stress when things don't go exactly as planned because no matter what you will cherish these pictures for a lifetime! Enjoy it!



Here are a few of my favorites--

Photography// Yaste Photography

Stylist// Courtney Jones

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