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Our Current Spring Color Obsessions

Well, the weather is warming up and hopefully we have had our last snow for a long long time! When it comes to your wedding decorations and flowers it's important to be able to add color and still keep the vibe you are going for. So in light of spring, I wanted to share some of my favorite spring colors for wedding flowers & decor- all while keeping it tasteful and classy!

My current color obsession for this spring is Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose! Both are soft, romantic hues that add color without being too overbearing! I absolutely love greenery and think it's the perfect thing to add to centerpieces and bouquets to really make those colors pop. I also love the idea of having napkins and centerpieces with the color of your choice and keeping your flatware, chargers, and table linens simple and neutral- again making those colors really stand out. To me, the key to REALLY pulling off color is using it in moderation, sometimes keeping it simple makes all the difference in the world.

You'll hear us say this time and time again, it's all about the details!

Until next time,



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