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10 Steps to a Budget Friendly Wedding

Well ladies, we are talking about the most dreaded word in wedding planning...budget! Luckily we have a few tips for keeping the cost low!

1. Buy Don't Rent- buy linens, chargers, overlays, cloth napkins, etc. You will get them SO much cheaper, and be able to sell all of it after the wedding is over!

2. Go to Bridal Shows- there are bridal shows ALL the time and so many of them offer great deals on wedding bands, venues, catering, dresses, and much more. & it's a great place to get ideas!

3. Use Decor That You Already Have- you can recycle wine bottles to use as candle holders, picture frames for your table numbers, mirrors for welcome signs/menu signs/or seating charts, & mason jars for vases- you'd be surprised at all the decor you already!

4. Get Creative With Your Venue- there are so many FREE venues out there! You could do a simple backyard wedding, beach, state park, or any older unique venues in your town! Look around and really think outside of the box- it could save you several thousand!

5. Flowers- when planning my own wedding we ordered our garland from SAMS (we even ordered several before hand to make sure they were what we expected) & they turned out amazing! Not to mention they were HALF of what a florist was going to charge! SAMS has bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, garland, and flowers to build your own arrangements.

6. Forget the Party Favors! Your guest will be having so much fun they won't even notice!

7. Bar on a Budget- offer your guests wine, beer, and two signature cocktails to save on the bar!

8. Check out Etsy! They have awesome deals on wedding decor, signs, flower girl dresses, jewelry, etc. & you can find some really unique items that no one else will have!

9. Homemade Dessert- Instead of ordering a huge wedding cake, get a personal cake for the bride and groom and have homemade desserts from family members on a dessert table! Your guest will love the personal touch!

10. Don't be afraid to negotiate- nicely! You never know what deals are out there until you ask!

Hope this helps! XOXO,

Every Single Detail Gal's


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